The Post-COVID Emergence of Energy Services Companies

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The introduction of the energy service company in the 1980s has-been a crazy surge up in the case of demand. The beginning of the energy services company can be traced back to the energy crisis of the late seventies, as business owners produced the best way to overcome the rise in energy rates. The ultimate mission of any energy service company (ESCO) is to always supply significant savings in energy costs by delivering energy audits and analysis and effectively making processes much more efficient in regards to energy costs.

The ESCO (Energy Service Company) nowadays is in constant change and forever innovating with new energy services being presented as the industry evolves post COVID. One other adaptation of energy services was the technical facet whereas state-of-the-art measuring instruments and other diagnostic components have grown to be common in this quickly developing sector.

Energy services companies are primarily totally different from consulting technical engineers and equipment contractors: the former are typically paid for their counseling, whilst the latter are paid for the hardware. Through the nineties we saw a tide of private energy service organizations due largely to deregulation and the mounting price of gas and oil. A couple of years in to the Trump presidential term we’ve seen a substantial wholesale deregulation in the energy industry which evidently benefits energy service providers.

In 2006 the sector group NAESCO stated energy service organizations increased by 22% and boasted $2.6 billion in income marking an important moment for ESCOs throughout the country. In Canada the popularity of ESCOs also grew dramatically largely in the oil rich province of Alberta.

With such a assortment of O&G solutions these organizations offer, it’s tough to name only a few despite leaving out so many other significant ones. However it’s worthwhile saying that amongst this segment, tech has played a top role in assisting the sector progression. However why bore (no pun intended) you with the specifics of them.

Among the more popular energy service providers is the one of energy management. Energy management agencies are increasingly more frequent as energy prices increase. The primary focus of energy consultants will be to save their customer cash by negotiating energy costs and making current functions more energy-efficient. The very first step any energy management firm will perform is a complete and specific energy review with the purpose to establish a starting baseline. What this does is it produces a quantifiable starting point for which everything moving forward is able to be measured with to ascertain energy cost savings efficiency. Regularly you will find the energy consultancy firm operating hand in hand with administrators with each organization they are contracted by. This provides for rapid important decisions. It really is essential to understand the usefulness of direct access to company leaders when reporting on energy budgets and in particular when negotiating costs.

Field energy solutions organizations offer a wide array of service providers this includes meter proving, sampling and analysis, electrical and instrumentation, construction, automation and controls and even software solutions. You don’t have to look very far to see the devastation created by COVID19. Tens of thousands of jobs in the energy sector were lost in the first half of 2020 throughout the US and Canada.

We interviewed an executive with Prodigy Energy providers who had this to say about our post-COVID world.

“Fantastic to talk to you today so thank you for allowing me to comment. In all honesty we see circumstances a bit different than many by grasping this moment in time to rethink how this virus will affect our work conditions and adapting what we can to protect our employees healthy while remaining productive.”

Energy services companies may be privately owned providers, either independent or a component of a large conglomerate, state owned, non-profit, jv partnerships, manufacturers or manufacturers’ subsidiaries.

Debauched energy control platforms plagues a multitude of commercial complexes in the U.S. and this is generally as a result of uncompleted installed control systems, significant energy loss a result of not having insulation and out-of-date cooling and heating systems. This is an additional reason why getting an energy audit done is important so you could then proceed to the next step by getting a expert energy consultant. They are experienced in improving and simplifying the entire project to ascertain optimal proficiency and energy cost savings.

Ahead of coronavirus we’d already started to see utility organizations start to transform themselves and make themselves more pertinent by bundling services you might not of previous thought they could offer. Things like internet providers now offering bundles with TV and home phone on top of the internet service. It’s become widespread in Canada and the USA that energy providers are now promoting bundled solutions like television, Internet and home phone but in actuality there’s way more of this going on in the B2B (business to business) side while society monitoring and alarm systems are also being offered. From a strictly monetary/company perspective this partnership of utility company and service company is quite smart.

So I know what you’re thinking. Doesn’t this make energy solutions firms go the way of the dinosaur? Nope. Think of this like the battle of the Titans whereas the big utility providers are the ones who will fight for the energy consumer cash. There are lots of service providers encompassed by the term energy service company. Many, if not most, all are tied to boots on the ground industrial services like those in the oilfields. Well that is the question on my people’s minds but it is without a doubt that energy service companies are resilient and certainly will find means to adapt in this new world.